What’s this made of?

How many words for materials could your child name in English?
How about in their own language?

The Cambridge English: Flyers word list includes the materials card, glass, gold, metal, paper, plastic, silver, wood and wool.

Wool comes from sheep
Wool comes from sheep

Here are two ways to learn and practise using these words:

Firstly, your child can do this vocabulary activity online.

Then, for more practice, you could play a game with your child.
Say to your child ‘Let’s see who can write down the most things that are made of wood in one minute.’
You and your child can then write a list.

For each thing that is made of wood that your child writes, they get one point if it is in their language, and two points if it is in English. Then repeat the game with metal, plastic and so on…

What's it made from?
What’s it made from?












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Happy learning!



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