Find something you like!

There are many reasons to learn English: To improve your chances in the job market, to travel, and for educational, personal or cultural reasons.

There are also many resources for those who want to learn: films and documentaries, magazines, blogs, newspapers and magazines from all over the world. We are in an information age – and things are not as they were fifteen or twenty years ago when almost all our information came from television or newspapers.

It’s easy to find something that interests you – whether to read, listen to, or both. There’s no need to spend two hundred hours studying a textbook.  There is no excuse for boredom!

If you learn English to attend meetings for engineers in the UK and you love sport, you can learn 90% of what you need by reading articles and listening to pod-casts about football. The only thing that changes is the vocabulary.  Learn according to your needs. It doesn’t matter whether your passion is motorcycles, the underwater world, sports cars, hill walking, gardening or poetry.

Find something you like
German beer

Similarly, someone who makes a lot of business phone calls does not need to learn ‘Telephone Inglés’. Just learn English with special emphasis on LISTENING and PRONUNCIATION. The main difference between “normal” English and the dreaded “Telephone Inglés” is how to start and end conversations. “Thank you for calling” or “Could I please leave a message” aren’t really radically different from “normal” English.

Telephone conversation
Telephone conversation

Again: there is no excuse for boredom. If you learn English in a way you like according to your own interests, the process will be much more enjoyable – and faster. Make it interesting, and fun!

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