Thank you

Thank you to all the students, individuals and small groups, face-to-face lessons, telephone and video-conferencing who have been studying with ‘MiProfe’ during this academic year.  Many of you are sitting or about to finish your exams – good luck, and let me know how you do (especially with English!).

Before we all enjoy a (hopefully relaxing) summer holiday break, I would like to say a special thank you to a local group(their group name begins with C) for such a thoughtful and kind end-of-year present!


You have made some good progress, especially over the over the past few months.
Remember your three-word conversational answers, for example:

  • Do you like Spanish food?
  • Yes, I do! ….. (add more information – for example, “Especially ….”.)
  • Are you going to Torremanzanas on holiday?
  • Yes, we are. We´re visiting some friends there, in July.


And finally, don’t forget (everyone) to read and listen regularly over the holiday period, so your don’t lose your current language level.


Happy summer holiday!





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