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What’s this made of?

How many words for materials could your child name in English? How about in their own language? The Cambridge English: Flyers word list includes the materials card, glass, gold, metal, paper, plastic, silver, wood and wool. Here are two ways to learn and practise using these words: Firstly, your child can do this vocabulary activity online. … Continue reading

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English Monstruo

Free mobile phone application ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Smartphone application This is a free mobile application for iOS and Android, based on the most common mistakes made by Spanish speakers of English – for example, misspellings such as  “wich”, “confortable”, “becouse”, “accomodation”, “posible”, “bilieve”, “diferent”, “bycicle”, “enviroment” y “beatiful” [sic].   This is a Cambridge English Corpus application … Continue reading

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