Spelling is important


One of the foundations of good English is learning how to spell words correctly, especially the basics and those which you use regularly – at work or for your studies, for example.

Remember, it is not always possible to use an automatic spelling checker – especially in examinations!

Some words below are the most common spelling mistakes, from Cambridge examination candidates all over the world.  British English spelling is shown but American usage is also acceptable, providing  there is consistency – not, for example, switching  from using British spellings to American spellings.

Here are 15 words –  the top five misspelled verbs, nouns and adjectives at Level B1:


receive       decided     recommend      want       think

beautiful          interesting      grateful       different      quiet

centre       accommodation       business        conference        programme

Try to work regularly on some common spellings.  Here are the Cambridge ESOL vocabulary  lists used at levels A1 (Elementary) to B1 (lower Intermediate, i.e. PET or Preliminary English Test).

The English Profile link has lists of words at all levels of the Common European Framework A1 to C2.

Starters | Movers | Flyers | Key | Level B1 General |

Level B1 Business |   Level A1 to C2 (English Profile)