Gerund vs infinitive to vs. 'ing' form English verbs

Verb patterns – gerund (to…) vs. infinitive (-ing)

How to use verb patterns (verb + second verb) correctly: An introduction

See these notes and examples (PDF format) for an introduction to how to use the gerund and infinitive correctly.

Example: ‘They told me they would like to see more of the city, one weekend.’

People walking across a bridge
Walking to work


For intermediate students, the next example shows how using the gerund (to…) vs. the infinitive (-ing) has different meanings:

‘I was walking down the road and stopped to talk to my friend.’

compared with:

‘Jack and Jill argued and stopped talking to each other for four days.’

gerund versus infinitive in English — to and -ing forms
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Click here for a PDF with notes, examples and exercises to practise!

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