Getting ready for your English exam

Here are some tips which many students have found helpful to revise for English language exams:

Make sure you are thoroughly familiar with the structure of the exam, and you know exactly what you have to do.

Six tips to pass English exams
Six tips
  1. Review your lesson notes and suggestions or feedback.
  2. As far as your spoken English is concerned, you can only really do your best on the day.To do your best in the oral exam, revise vocabulary – little and often.  Practise ways to express likes and dislikes.
  3. If you would like to practise your written English,try Cambridge ‘Write and Improve‘ (see this post), or click here for individual English language tuition.
  4. If you haven’t done a timed exam yet, you should try to do one to get used to working under pressure.
  5. First impressions are paramount. On the day, go well dressed in smart casual clothes – something that makes you feel good.

    Exam preparation, study and advice - what to expect.
    Exam study and revision
  6. Check that you are familiar with the answer sheets that go with each of the papers; be clear what you have to write on each one.The best way to practise this is to start completing them now, rather than waiting until the big day.Every time you do a practice test from now on try to have an answer sheet handy to complete.In particular make sure you:
    – read the instructions explaining what you’re required to do carefully
    – write your answers in the correct order
    – write your answers clearly.
    For some helpful tips about what to expect on the day of your Cambridge PET or Cambridge First exam, see this page.

Fianlly, if you are not clear about the correct use of English grammar and vocabulary such as word order, the verbs do and make or how to learn phrasal verbs for your exam, click here for miniature online English classes.

Happy revising!