December news

Christmas candle

This is the time of year when exams finish, the autumn term draws to a close and the Christmas holiday begins. For many, our thoughts turn to festive celebrations, decorations, presents, mince pies — and maybe some Christmas music and a carol or two:


Understandably, we are probably all looking forward to a well-earned rest. Later, for some ideas to read or listen to English during the Christmas holiday, click here.

Next year (2018), MiProfe language teaching, tuition and coaching will be back as usual with some new materials and minor changes to focus on learning and deliver the best value possible. The main points are:

  • Free materials provided electronically in advance for distance learning students and face to face students on business, bespoke and individual specialised courses.
  • Personalised recommendation of Student Book (or other text/workbook) for general English courses.
  • Free grammar pack for all students: whether face to face, distance or combined learning.
  • Written work units are mandatory for courses at level B2 (Upper Intermediate) and higher.
  • Minimal lesson fee adjustment of only €0,50 — first change in two years.
  • Payment of lesson fees preferred by bank transfer (instead of cash), wherever possible.
  • First lesson free for new students with enrolment fee (matricula’),
    to prevent time wasting and focus resources on tuition.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2018!

Christmas picture book ribbon coffee

P.S. Did you like how the quartet Il Divo sang the carol above? Here, they sing in English:



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