look forward to

‘to look forward to’ (phrasal verb)

‘to look forward to’ is a phrasal verb and means ‘to feel happy’ (or excited) about something that is going to happen in the future.

In other words,  ‘esperar con ilusión’. It can also be compared to the Spanish ‘tener ganas de’ which also means ‘to feel like (doing something)’ when we are talking about a future event.

e.g. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.
– ¡Espero con ilusión verte de nuevo!

I’m very much looking forward to the trip.
– El viaje me hace mucha ilusión.

¡Ojo! Compare with ‘to look for’ = to search for something (buscar).
If we don’t know where something*  is, we look for it.
(*usually a physical object)

I’m looking for my keys.
– Busco mis llaves.

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