Welcome to MiProfe’s mini-classes, where you can learn or revise some English language basics.
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Student vocabulary

There are two very important questions you should memorise so  you can ask your teacher (or any English speaker) correctly in English, questions like ‘¿Qué significa..?’, ¿Qué quiere decir…?’ and ‘Cómo se dice… en inglés?’ – without speaking in Spanish! From  this page, you can also download and listen to a sample teacher-students conversation.

(Por cierto, y por favor, ¡no queremos escuchar “How is said…” y tales barbaridades a nuestro idioma!)

Present simple

The present simple in English is easy to conjugate.  Remember to use a pronoun (I, you, he, she, it, we, they) and for ‘he’, ‘she’ and ‘it’ add -s at the end.

We use the present simple tense when talking baout habits, routines, things which are always true, or things which are true for a long time (“I like chocolate”, “I have coffee and toast for breakfast”, “I live in La Vila etc.).

See the examples and listen to a mini-class with other learning points.


the‘: Use of the definite article

Sometimes ‘el’/’la’/’los’/’las’ is used in Spanish –  but not in EnglishClick for examples.

Commonly confused words – ‘than’ and ‘that’

These two aren’t the same!   Click to see examples.


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