Timetable: Self-Service Access

MiProfe timetable

Food timetable - Bishop's Castle, Shropshire

A timetable for food service: village pub, Shropshire

From this month (February 2019), students, writing tuition and consulting clients will have direct online access to their timetable.

Why change?

Several reasons: to boost efficiency, offer choices and cut time spent on administration. Please take a minute or two to read how this new service benefits students by reducing tuition fees, in line with long-standing policy here.

Acuity (the interface) uses your email and integrates with various calendars. It’s mobile-friendly, too.

Will my next lessons be at the same time?

Yes—if that’s what you want and what we agreed.

They will change only if you alter day(s) or time(s), i.e. reschedule your lesson(s).

After research, contact with the supplier and testing, the carefully phased initial rollout has avoided timetable confusion.

From the outset, long-term students have access to a term’s worth of dates and booking options. In contrast, new students can select only a few weeks ahead.

All bookings are subject to monitoring, confirmation and – if necessary – possible rescheduling to protect long-term students.

Do I have to pay when I use Acuity to book?

No, there are no extra booking fees. Nor will you have to pay tuition fees immediately when reserving your days and times—unless you are a new student or in the early stages of starting lessons (payment cards accepted).

Current long-term students (February 2019) will continue with their existing arrangements.

Invoices for lesson fees arrive separately, later — by email.

Did you develop the application yourself?

No! I’m an English teacher, tutor and writer.

The specialist interface is a leader in its market category. Its paid subscription is more cost-effective than the alternative: expanding, time-consuming back-office administration. Result: more time to focus on lessons, and more choice for students.

How do I use Acuity to book my lessons?

It’s straightforward and intuitive. Existing students: please use your personalised link; it looks further into the future and offers more options.

New students: simply click here, or on ‘Book Your Lessons’ in the menu at miprofedeingles.es

N.B. Since autumn 2018, cancellation policy has been a minimum of two working days (48 hours) regardless of the booking method.

A big thank you to almost everyone already booking their lessons this way. Many of you have mentioned that you have enjoyed the convenience. It’s been especially useful for shift workers, professionals and those who travel a lot. Even students who usually have lessons at the same time most weeks can access and change bookings when they have excursions, exams, practical/work placement days or trips.

Finally, any questions? Please feel free to ask. Happy learning!

P.S. If you want to use Accuity in your teaching, coaching, counselling or other small business, please be philanthropic and click this referral link and support an English teacher. Thanks!