How Bad is your Memory?

I like the reminder which Jane gives in her article, here, about using a computer to practise the new vocabulary you learn – especially between English language lessons.

Also – if you have a smartphone, why not download and use one of the free apps from the British Council or BBC Learning English? These are an ideal complement for working in parallel with your tutor or language ‘coach’ – there is no substitute for regular face-to-face or lessons, or video-conferencing if your level is intermediate or higher.

Happy learning!


Before I go any further, mine is appalling.  Like a lot of people, I sometimes wonder whether I am at the early stages of Alzheimer´s, I get embarrassed because I forget someone’s name or something important they have told me and my speed of recall would automatically disqualify me from any kind of quiz show, should I ever be tempted to participate in one.   In language classes, lack of memory is the biggest complaints and sources of embarrassment, irrespective of the intelligence of the student and their original understanding of whatever it is they have now forgotten.

If you see yourself reflected in these comments, then I would like you to know that you are absolutely normal (in this respect at least).  Nobody, unless they are some kind of genius, is able to remember language after only hearing it, or repeating it only once.  Think back to your childhood, or…

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